Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

manufacturer reps

Manufacturer Reps Share 2019 Business Goals & Beauty Trends!

Leading manufacturer reps discuss their goals and predictions for 2019.

The beauty of the beauty industry is that it’s constantly changing, innovating and evolving. In 2018, everything from glossy lips and rainbow hair to glittery liquid eyeshadows gained momentum. But what exciting trends will we be seeing this year? We spoke to top manufacturer reps for a glimpse into their personal business goals as well as their industry-wide projections for the year.

Relationships That Boost Business

Follow these 5 top practices when partnering with manufacturers reps to set your store up for success.

Your relationships with manufacturers reps are some of the most significant partnerships you will forge in the beauty industry. Manufacturers reps help their clients (manufacturers) get retail placement in your store. But for you, the retailer, reps can aid in securing a competitive edge in the marketplace by tipping you off about brands that haven’t yet hit the market, getting you better deals on offerings and, ultimately, helping you position your store for success.

Industry Updates

Beauty industry companies and professionals racked up a host of awards and recognition, recently, during the 2017 Cosmoprof North America event in July. From commendation for sales performance to recognition for tenacity and perseverance, the following awardees model excellence in the industry.

The Kirschner Group Expands Southwest Sales Team

Professional beauty manufacturers representative The Kirschner Group has added Bruce Blankenship to its southwest sales team. Blankenship joins the Kirschner Group team with a strong knowledge of brand sales, customer service and broad industry experience.

“We are excited Bruce has joined our southwest domestic team and look forward to the growth in this territory,” said Jane Caris, president of The Kirschner Group.