Beauty Store Business magazine - December, 2019


Diane Waterproof Beauty Brush

This professional cleansing device from Fromm International features high and low speed settings for all-over use on all types of skin. It features a simple attachment exchange for faster head-to-toe use: a Soft Brush attachment of micro-fine, tapered nylon bristles that gently remove dirt and excess oil; and an Exfoliating Brush attachment crafted with flat nylon bristles that are designed to offer greater tension to deeply cleanse pores and open them up for maximum absorption of products.

Diane Portable UV Nail Dryer

Diane Portable UV Nail Dryer

This nail dryer is designed to cut the nail drying experience down to 15 minutes. It combines UV light with a fan for rapid drying. The UV light provides additional antibacterial properties. Fingers or toes are simply placed inside the dryer, and it's pressed down to turn on. The dryer turns off automatically when pressure is relieved. The UV light bonds paint to the nails for a stronger and harder finish. It requires two AA batteries and should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Call 800.323.4252 or visit