Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020


The Purchasing Power of Boomers

Capture the interest of beauty consumers with the highest expenditure in personal care products and the greatest buying power: baby boomers.

Marketers spend billions of dollars to draw in millennial consumers. Enamored by their youth and consumption chops, they clamor to tap into their billion-dollar buying power. Meanwhile, they miss out on the deepest pockets of all. Baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, have spending power in the trillions. They spend the most across product categories, and they’re positioned to inherit trillions of dollars from their senior parents over the next two decades.

Retail Imports Increase Between School, Holiday Shopping Seasons

Cargo volume for 2016 is expected to see a 1.6% increase over last year, as consumers wrap up back-to-school shopping and retailers begin to stock shelves for the holiday season, according to the monthly Global Port Tracker report released by the retail trade association National Retail Federation and maritime research and informational services firm Hackett Associates.

What's Driving Retail? Here Are Three Consumer Trends for Holiday, Beyond

This is the first installment in a three-part series on high-tech shopping trends.

What are the consumer trends that can bring cheer to your holiday, year end and beyond? I’m tracking three: local goes social, personalization goes high-tech and lines of distribution are dissolved. Regardless of the size of your operation, the trends in consumer shopping transcend stores and apothecaries. They are part of a bigger picture in consumer demand and will go well into 2016.