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ghd GOLD 1" Pink Blush Styler

Don't be glued to the wall! With the new ghd GOLD 1" limited edition pink blush styler, your customers get a professional 9ft swivel cord that allows them to style like professionals. The quick 30 second heat up time let's you get right to creating those smooth and effortless looking hairstyles that are desired. The ghd styler automatically shuts off after thirty minutes of non-use, and comes with a heat-resistant plate guard to keep surfaces cool. The heat-resistant roll bag allows the styler to be packed and ready to go with easy storage.

SRP: $199

Lara C. Kay’s Beauty Empire is on the Rise

Lara C. Kay
A Q&A with Studio Kay owner and LCK Haircare founder Lara C. Kay.

With over 300K Instagram followers, Lara C. Kay can be found gracing the internet’s most popular social media platforms showcasing her talents in makeup and hair. Her recognized brand circles around her salon, haircare line and collaborations in the beauty industry. She owns Studio Kay, a successful salon in Glendale, California, that draws much attention through its impressive online presence with 100k Instagram followers who can’t get enough of Studio Kay “beauty inspo.” In addition to feeding “the gram” and running her trendy salon, Kay founded LCK Haircare in 2014. Saying that Lara C.

Social Media Sensation

Jay Rua Glam/ Hair Salon
Ombre hair colorist Jay Rua, owner of the Jay Rua Glam Hair Salon in Las Vegas, shares his tips for opening your own salon and easing the growing pains.

When people find their passion in life at a young age, they’re able to cultivate valuable skills in their adolescence to become masters of their craft early on. Such is the case for hair stylist Jay Rua, whose passion for hair care started as a child while playing with his favorite toys.

“They were my sister’s dolls and my horses with long hair. I always wanted to do my family and friends’ hair, and remember thinking that hair was what I wanted to do when I grow up,” Rua says.          

Crowdfunding 101

Gain the insight to determine whether crowdfunding may be right for your business venture or expansion.

The Digital Age is transforming the way beauty businesses are launching and expanding their retail ventures, products and services. It used to be that when small businesses needed funding, they would toil through their fundraising efforts via the means and “hoops” required by banks, venture capitalists, angel investors, small business loan providers, family and friends; even draining their savings and retirement funds.

What's in the Box?

beauty subscription box, cosmetics
Discover the best beauty subscription services—and how to get your brand featured by one.

Budget-conscious beauty enthusiasts overwhelmed by an endless selection of makeup and haircare products are discovering their favorite brands in a whole new way: via beauty subscription services that conveniently deliver items right to their door. Offering a selection of products handpicked by experts or consumers themselves, curated beauty subscriptions not only save time, but money too.

We go behind the scenes to learn how the top beauty subscription services in the industry got their start—and how you can partner with these companies to grow your own brand.

Beautiful Form & Function

For more than 10 years, CROC has been merging design and purpose to bring revolutionary hair tools to the market.

Tae J. Park founded CROC in 2005, and in some respects, his is a story of the American dream at its best. Park is an immigrant from South Korea; he moved to the U.S. about 30 years ago, and has been