Beauty Store Business magazine - October, 2019


The Detox Market: Pioneering Green Beauty

In just under a decade, The Detox Market has evolved from a forward- thinking, experimental pop-up to a powerhouse green beauty retailer.

Romain Gaillard, CEO and founder of Los Angeles- based The Detox Market, did not expect to be an overnight green beauty retail success when he opened a pop-up on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in quirky Venice, California, in 2010. Even in a progressive city, the original concept–what Gaillard recalls as a “great laboratory of new wellness trends,” serving up cold-pressed juices and matcha tea bars alongside 14 green beauty brands–felt a bit ahead of its time, and in a tough financial landscape to boot.

Innovation Inspiration: How 6 Beauty Brands Shook the Industry

The story behind six inventive beauty products.

This month, we celebrate unique beauty ideas by highlighting six top innovations that have pushed the beauty industry in new directions. In some instances, they have created new product categories altogether. Let the innovation here be an inspiration to perhaps act on a beauty idea you've been considering!

Everything You Need to Know About I-Beauty

You’ve heard of K-Beauty, but is Italian beauty the next regional trend to capture the U.S. market?

Trending Territory

Known for an understated sensuality and elegant ease, Italian beauty–or I-Beauty–is poised to earn a greater share of the beauty market. With both start-up and established brands working towards increased distribution stateside, I-Beauty is, surprisingly, on track to mirror the kind of impact that K-beauty has been making over the last five years.

Give Them More In-Store: How In-Store Events Boost Sales

Here’s how creative and well-planned in-store events and services can excite your customer base and elevate your bottom line.

Online competition is forcing brick-and-mortar stores to be more engaging than ever before. It’s important stores play to their strengths. While they cannot compete with the convenience online shopping provides, they have a definitive edge when it comes to making a meaningful and personal connection with customers. The big game-changer in this equation are those valuable experiences, taking the form of beauty services and confidence-boosting educational events tailored to your shopping environment.

What is Mystical Beauty?

Why collections with a spiritual vibe resonate with millennials.

The most successful beauty collections embody themes that capture the imagination–and today’s forward- thinking brands look to engage the spirit, too. With palettes and shades inspired by the zodiac, chakras, crystals, elements and the wonders of nature, more brands are tapping into a definition of beauty that is more than skin deep.