Beauty Store Business magazine - April, 2019


18.21 Man Made: Three Men and a Dream

18.21 Man Made Founders
The story behind prestige grooming brand 18.21 Man Made.

Try out an 18.21 Man Made product and you might be tempted to praise it as the bee’s knees to your customers. The Texas-based brand is famous for grooming goods formulated to meet the needs of modern men, but which look like they time-traveled from 1920. From packaging to aroma, the products evoke a sense of effortless cool. Man Made Wash comes in what looks like a glass whisky bottle, complete with a sepia-toned label. Beard Balm smells of French vanilla bean and spicy pipe tobacco, conjuring images of speakeasies with flappers on the arms of dapper dandies.

Skincare Spotlight: Everything You Need to Know About Exfoliation

From gentle, at-home exfoliators to in-office chemical treatments, learn the benefits of weekly facial exfoliation.

Skin exfoliation is a naturally occurring physiological process in which dead surface skin cells organically slough off. This is often referred to as cellular turnover and it involves removing the top layer of dead skin cells. While our skin has a natural cellular turnover system, it is helpful to move this process along–because like most naturally occurring physiological processes, this one slows as we age. Thus, manual exfoliation (whether that’s with products or devices) should be incorporated into one’s skincare routine, especially once middle age is reached.

Q&A with Jason Ross, Modifi Products President

Modi i Products president Jason Ross aims to make the beauty industry more eco- riendly with easy-to-use disin ectant pods or hairstylists.

When Jason Ross, an entrepreneur and the founder of TSM Studio, teamed up with Bennet Parke, a hairstylist and the co-owner of Xander Blue Salon in Orlando, Florida, magic happened. The duo runs Modifi Products, makers of the Mod Clean Disinfectant Pods, which help stylists save money, time and even the environment by replacing the need for large plastic bottles filled with disinfectant. Here, we take a look at how their business venture came about, and what plans they have in store for the future.

How to Prep for When Disaster Strikes

With natural disasters becoming more common, it’s prudent to take steps now to protect your business.

With all the time you spend running your business, emergency preparedness and insurance may seem like afterthoughts. However, one powerful storm or fire could literally wash or burn all of your hard work away.

Preparation for natural disasters is an important piece of good financial planning. While it does require a concerted effort, it may not be as difficult or complicated as you think. Being prepared involves a mix of sensible precautions, good record-keeping and a carefully chosen insurance plan.

How Product Giveaways Can Work for your Beauty Business

How Product Giveaways Can Work for your Beauty Business
Experts provide several takeaways on creating effective giveaways.

Giveaways present lucrative opportunities for beauty brands and stores. When executed well, they allow a business to meaningfully engage with existing customers while simultaneously attracting new clientele. A good promotional event has the power to grow both brand awareness and company coffers. Contests are inherently malleable: They can be small and straightforward or extensively grandiose. Prizes run the gamut, limited only by an organizer’s imagination. Given this flexibility and potential for great payoff, it’s no wonder sweepstakes are sweeping beauty stores and social media sites.

Tips for Running Your Family-Owned Business

Beauty executives give their best advice to family-run businesses for working with their children.

Can you imagine what life would be like if your children worked for you? Whether it sounds like a dream scenario or a nightmare, these highly successful beauty brand entrepreneurs have made it a reality. We reached out to the parents and CEOs who have kept their business in the family to find out how they do it–and what you need to know if you’re considering it too. From taking a step back to adapting to new trends, here are their words of wisdom on building a family enterprise.