Beauty Store Business magazine - July, 2019


How Product Giveaways Can Work for your Beauty Business

How Product Giveaways Can Work for your Beauty Business
Experts provide several takeaways on creating effective giveaways.

Giveaways present lucrative opportunities for beauty brands and stores. When executed well, they allow a business to meaningfully engage with existing customers while simultaneously attracting new clientele. A good promotional event has the power to grow both brand awareness and company coffers. Contests are inherently malleable: They can be small and straightforward or extensively grandiose. Prizes run the gamut, limited only by an organizer’s imagination. Given this flexibility and potential for great payoff, it’s no wonder sweepstakes are sweeping beauty stores and social media sites.

Tips for Running Your Family-Owned Business

Beauty executives give their best advice to family-run businesses for working with their children.

Can you imagine what life would be like if your children worked for you? Whether it sounds like a dream scenario or a nightmare, these highly successful beauty brand entrepreneurs have made it a reality. We reached out to the parents and CEOs who have kept their business in the family to find out how they do it–and what you need to know if you’re considering it too. From taking a step back to adapting to new trends, here are their words of wisdom on building a family enterprise.

18.21 Man Made: Three Men and a Dream

18.21 Man Made Founders
The story behind prestige grooming brand 18.21 Man Made.

Try out an 18.21 Man Made product and you might be tempted to praise it as the bee’s knees to your customers. The Texas-based brand is famous for grooming goods formulated to meet the needs of modern men, but which look like they time-traveled from 1920. From packaging to aroma, the products evoke a sense of effortless cool. Man Made Wash comes in what looks like a glass whisky bottle, complete with a sepia-toned label. Beard Balm smells of French vanilla bean and spicy pipe tobacco, conjuring images of speakeasies with flappers on the arms of dapper dandies.

Manufacturer Reps Share 2019 Business Goals & Beauty Trends!

Leading manufacturer reps discuss their goals and predictions for 2019.

The beauty of the beauty industry is that it’s constantly changing, innovating and evolving. In 2018, everything from glossy lips and rainbow hair to glittery liquid eyeshadows gained momentum. But what exciting trends will we be seeing this year? We spoke to top manufacturer reps for a glimpse into their personal business goals as well as their industry-wide projections for the year.

Will 5G Transform Beauty Retailing?

The 5th generation of wireless technology is poised to dramatically change life and commerce as we know them.

You may not realize it yet, but 5G will fuel tomorrow’s innovations. It’s expected to revolutionize beauty, retailing and every other industry, along with everyday experiences. This next iteration in wireless technology will seamlessly merge our digital and physical worlds, making us far more informed and our lives far more convenient than ever before. It will make commerce more immersive, interactive, intuitive, personalized and expeditious. Plus, it will enhance our understanding of ourselves and streamline our connections to others.

Q&A With Courtney Adeleye, CEO of The Mane Choice

The Mane Choice CEO and founder shares insight into her journey from a rising YouTube star to a multimillion-dollar entrepreneur.

People have envied Courtney Adeleye’s long, luscious locks for years–so she decided to spread the wealth and provide a solution for multicultural consumers to achieve similarly healthy hair at home. In 2013, Adeleye, a registered nurse who started sharing her beauty tips on YouTube, had countless followers request- ing that she sell her homemade deep conditioner. So, she partnered with her husband Wale, a physician, and began developing a line of haircare staples infused with essential nutrients like biotin and vitamins A, B, C, D and E.