Beauty Store Business magazine - June, 2019


Executive Q&A: Sasha Plavsic Discusses Clean Beauty

Since founding a company with a conscience, ILIA Beauty’s Sasha Plavsic has become a clean beauty pioneer.

As the clean beauty category grows, consumers are seeking brands that 1) are transparent about their ingredients, 2) make products with a mix of safe synthetics and high-performing natural and organic botanicals and 3) manufacture products that deliver results. ILIA Beauty founder Sasha Plavsic made sure her company hit all three marks. But she didn’t stop there: Her product packaging is made from recycled aluminum and post-consumer recycled paper printed with vegetable-based dyes.

Q&A with Lance Wahl

Leo Wahl’s great-grandson and global vice president of professional products, Lance Wahl, talks pro beauty.

Q: Beauty Store Busines: How has the Wahl Clipper Corporation contributed most to the professional beauty market—and, in particular, the men’s grooming boom?
A: Wahl has stayed true to the company’s course and remained committed to quality tools, while focusing on making blades with even more precision that resonate with professionals and allow them to do their jobs the right way.

What Beauty Stores Should Know About Ayurveda

Discover how you can offer Ayurvedic beauty products and services to your customers.

As beauty retailers and established day spas seek to enhance their product offerings and treatment options, innovative skin care and body care are becoming increasingly attractive. Consumer demand for natural and organic formulas makes Ayurveda uniquely appealing because of its wellness focus and reliance upon herbs. Its use of ancient medicinal wisdom and its sensorial qualities also resonate with wellness-seeking beauty consumers.

Insights for Retailers on the Booming Men's Grooming Market

Bevel Skin
Experts provide insight for retailers to capitalize on changing trends in the men’s market.

Last year was the “year of the woman”–with major societal changes taking place in the government and popular culture. However, as that happened, there was growing awareness among male consumers about the benefits of self-care products that promises to continue into 2019 and beyond.

Proof of this phenomenon is quantifiable. Market research firm The NPD Group found that the men’s fragrance market increased by 10 percent in 2018 to $1.4 billion, while skin care was up by 9 percent to $122.4 million in sales, after a slight 1 percent dip in 2017.

100 Years with Wahl Professional

Men’s grooming brand Wahl looks back at 100 years of history and originality.

Wahl Clipper Corporation celebrates its 100th anniversary this year–and it has a lot to commemorate. With more than 3,500 employees, seven global manufacturing plants and distribution in over 165 countries, it’s come a long way in the last century. Today the company is vertically integrated, meaning it owns every product and component produced in every one of its worldwide plants. It can also lay claim to an impressive 274-plus patents related to the barbering, salon and pet-grooming fields.

Skincare Spotlight: Everything You Need to Know About Exfoliation

From gentle, at-home exfoliators to in-office chemical treatments, learn the benefits of weekly facial exfoliation.

Skin exfoliation is a naturally occurring physiological process in which dead surface skin cells organically slough off. This is often referred to as cellular turnover and it involves removing the top layer of dead skin cells. While our skin has a natural cellular turnover system, it is helpful to move this process along–because like most naturally occurring physiological processes, this one slows as we age. Thus, manual exfoliation (whether that’s with products or devices) should be incorporated into one’s skincare routine, especially once middle age is reached.