Beauty Store Business magazine - June, 2019


The Denman Difference: An 80-Year History

Celebrating more than 80 years of innovation, Denman remains a trusted, iconic brand among stylists and consumers alike–while remaining true to its founding principles as a family business.

In an interesting twist, Denman’s now-legendary hairbrushes were created before the company even existed. Founder John Denman Dean, described as a naturally inquisitive serial entrepreneur from Northern Ireland, avidly sought problems to solve–and new ways to solve them. “There is some company folklore that he was looking to create a brush for his sister’s hair, but this is not proven,” explains Dr. John Rainey, MBE, chairman of the Denroy Group, which owns Denman, based in Bangor, Northern Ireland (pictured to the left with daughter Victoria Rainey Fishman, CEO of Denman Inc.).

What You Should Know About Tea Tree Oil

Here’s what you need to know about this wildly popular beauty ingredient.

Essential oils have become a popular component of consumers’ bathroom cabinets, as health crises have become epidemic and ingredient awareness indispensable. Essential oils, which are generally distilled from plants, are commonly viewed as safe and effective alternatives to conventional formulations–for everything from stress relief to infections.

Skincare Spotlight: What is Clean Beauty?

With no clear, standardized meaning for clean beauty, retailers and spas are left to define it for themselves—and their customers.

The beauty industry is constantly evolving. As scientific knowledge progresses and new ingredients become available, brands work to create better formulas to answer consumers’ needs. Verbiage to describe our philosophies and products in ways that are transparent, clear and concise, changes too. A few years ago, the buzzword in skin care was “cosmeceuticals,” followed by “paraben-free” and “natural.” Today, the buzzword is: clean beauty. But how exactly does one define “clean beauty?”

Executive Q&A: Britain Todd Talks About Noninvasive Cosmetics

Contours Rx creates safe alternatives to eyelid surgery.

Contours Rx founder, Britain Todd aims to empower consumers that seek an eyelid pick-me-up with Lids by Design eyelid correcting strips. In order to bypass the anxiety that comes with surgery and the qualifications it requires, Todd created a brand that can aid eyelid issues, in a non-invasive way.

Femcare’s Beauty Makeover

Once confined to an isolated aisle toward the back of the drug store, feminine care has become a lucrative new segment of the beauty industry.

Feminine care (or femcare) goes above and beyond typical one-size-fits-all menstruation products, and includes everything from vaginal skin and hair care, to niche, organic tampons, cleansers, period tracker apps and leak- proof underwear. Femcare brand founders have turned the traditional category on its head by rejecting the notion that menstrual protection is just an obligatory inconvenience and are instead repositioning it as integral to self-care.

7 Tips to Move Men’s Products

Follow these simple steps to boost men’s grooming product sales.

The men’s grooming market has been growing swiftly and steadily in recent years–with more sophisticated products and offerings available in cosmetics, hair care and skin care. Valued at $57.7 billion in 2017, the global men’s grooming market is expected to reach $78.6 billion by 2023, according to