Beauty Store Business magazine - July, 2019


The Spirit of Discovery: The Story of Artemis Patrick

As Artemis Patrick, chief merchandising officer for Sephora, gears up to accept the City of Hope Spirit of Life Award, she shares what has sustained the beauty retailer’s phenomenal, 20-plus years of success.

A lucky string of events brought Artemis Patrick, now executive vice president and chief merchandising officer, to San Francisco-based Sephora. Before Patrick’s first foray into beauty as a profession, she’d honed her chops working in retail since the late ’90s–specifically, e-commerce. “In 1998, I worked for Duty-Free Shops, which is also owned by LVMH, our parent company, in San Francisco,” Patrick recalls. “LVMH had just acquired Sephora, so, as employees, we were able to get private access to our store opening in downtown San Francisco.”

Trillion Dollar Buying Power: How Millenials and Gen Z Consumers are Shaping the Market

Expected to reach a combined purchasing might of more than $1.6 trillion by 2020, it pays to understand Gen Z and millennial consumers.

Many of today’s most successful beauty retailers share this quality in common: They’ve unlocked the code for how to best reach and appeal to Generation Z (Gen Z) and millennial consumers. These two demographics currently wield tremendous purchasing power, which is projected to grow significantly. Gen Zers include the teenagers and young adults of today, born from 1995 to 2018. Their spending power totals close to $200 billion, but since Fast Company projects this age group will account for 40 percent of all consumers by next year, it’s a number that will just keep rising.

What You Should Know About Honey

Believe the beauty buzz about this soothing skin-saver.

Honey is much more than a beloved, syrupy sweetener. Throughout history, this gift from honeybees has also been prized for its healing properties. The ancient Egyptians used it both to treat wounds
and as a topical ointment. In ancient Greece, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, prescribed honey for everything from sore throats and eye disease to baldness and scar prevention.

Executive Q&A: Sara Jane Pirok Talks Nontoxic Skincare

 Carter + Jane cofounders Susan Carter Kier (left) and Sara Jane Pirok.
In search of a simple, nontoxic skincare routine, two friends discover a remarkable Moroccan ingredient to create Carter & Jane.

Just over a decade ago, best pals and beauty industry executives Sara Jane Pirok and Susan Carter Kier had the idea to create a simple, nontoxic skincare line–if they could ever find an exceptional, game- changing ingredient that delivered results. After discovering the myriad beauty benefits Moroccan prickly pear oil offers, Pirok and Kier launched their hero product, The Everything Oil in January 2018. Designed to simplify one’s skincare routine to one item, the oil does everything– cleanses, moisturizes, nourishes, protects and heals the skin.