Beauty Store Business magazine - December, 2019


Pro Power: How Sennen Pamich is Changing Coty's Pro Division

Post Coty’s acquisition of P&G's beauty brands, Sennen Pamich is bringing new direction, expertise and enthusiasm to its Professional Beauty Division.

When Sennen Pamich joined the Coty Professional Beauty team in November 2018, he brought well-honed beauty business acumen to his new role as senior vice president of its Professional Beauty Division in North America, based in Calabasas, California. Having lifelong experience in the business, this Italian-born innovator has worked with some of the biggest beauty names globally and now applies his worldly, big-picture view to a fairly young division that nevertheless boasts a robust product portfolio. And the timing, for both Pamich and the company, could not be better.

Product of the Month: SWAY

An all-natural, long-lasting personal care and skincare brand.

With consumers more concerned than ever about the impact of aluminum and parabens on health, SWAY made a name for itself by formulating natural deodorant products without either. SWAY's product formulations naturally neutralize odors by inhibiting bacterial growth with pH-balancing ingredients. More recently, SWAY has stepped into the skincare game to bring clean values to the rest of our bodies with a vast array of creams, serums and more.

Executive Q&A: Billy La Venia Discusses Mavala USA

Billy and Stacie La Venia seized a golden opportunity when they purchased the U.S. distribution rights to Swiss legacy brand, Mavala.

Beauty Store Business: What was the driving force behind your decision to acquire the rights to distribute Mavala in the U.S.?
Billy La Venia: During our due diligence period, we discovered the brand had not been marketed utilizing the latest technologies available. In our opinion, this presented a unique opportunity to retell the Mavala story and its 60 years of history.

The Gen X Goldmine: How to Tap Into Gen X Consumers

Smaller in numbers, but greater in its purchasing power, this overlooked generation off ers a great opportunity for beauty retailers.

There are obvious markets for the different beauty products and brands you have carefully curated for your business. However, you may be missing out on one of the most lucrative markets: Generation X (a.k.a. Gen X), born roughly between 1965 and 1985. Cast in the shadow of the baby boomers, and before the tech-savvy milllennials, Gen Xers are akin to the middle child–often overlooked.

Indie Bound: Indie Beauty Must-Haves

With eclectic brand and product options, Indie Beauty brings vitality to your store.

With a vast selection of unique, innovative offerings to choose from, more and more consumers are choosing smaller, indie beauty brands. Indie Beauty Expo cofounder Jillian Wright thinks its due, in part, to the personal and human connections those behind the brand establish with their customers. “Independent brands connect because they are human. The face behind the brand has a lot of staying power in the industry due to their accessibility, creativity and passion,” explains Wright.

The Retail Clinic: Employee Loyalty and Hiring Holiday Help

5 Steps to Creating Happy, Loyal Employees

As a retailer, you know that your staff is your most crucial asset. Fostering higher levels of employee retention means less time spent recruiting and training to fill the same position–a revolving door that can be as costly as it is exhausting. Inspiring employee loyalty boils down to actions that demonstrate your staff is valued. Here are five simple ways to reward talent, build motivation and reinforce an optimal employee culture, according to four successful CEOs.