Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Carranza Leaves Wella, the Salon Professional Division of Procter & Gamble; Salon Veteran Mauceri Named New North America Leader

Carranza Leaves P&G's Wella, Mauceri Named New North America Leader

Salvatore Mauceri is Wella’s new North America leader. Mauceri (pictured) is replacing Reuben Carranza, who is leaving the company to pursue other interests.

“The Wella business in North America plays a key role in our global portfolio, and the U.S. and Canadian markets are a continued source of inspiration for us,” said Adil Mehboob-Khan, president of Wella, the Salon Professional Division of Procter & Gamble. “Under Reuben’s leadership, we were able to delight North American hairdressers with many firsts, from Wella Professionals’ new color technologies to ground-breaking support programs such as ‘Hairdressers at Heart.’ We thank Reuben for his commitment, passion and leadership during his Wella tenure.”

Mauceri returns from Geneva, Switzerland, to Wella North America’s headquarters in Woodland Hills, California, to lead the entire organization of professional educators, sales staff, marketers and researchers in the United States and Canada. He will report to vice president of global operations Kevin Otero.

A U.S. citizen born in Toronto, Mauceri spent the past decade at Wella, first leading the U.S. Eastern Division for P&G Salon Professional, then managing the North America integration of the company into P&G. Most recently, he served as director of Global Developing Markets, a business unit now encompassing more than 90 countries in three regions. He transformed a small export organization into a vibrant global division, thereby building the fastest-growing business unit in Wella globally.

Mehboob-Khan added, “Sal Mauceri is the perfect leader to succeed Reuben. With more than 25 years of experience, Sal has a proven track record of leading organizations around the world, serving the hairdressers and empowering salon owners. A veteran of the industry with a foundation in North America, Sal will continue to expand Wella North America’s mission to support the salon professional through leading product and service innovation, world-class education and impeccable customer service.”

Otero noted, "Sal has achieved success in every role he’s taken on. His experience and the knowledge in leading a complex group of markets—covering everything from a luxury salon in China to a single-chair street salon in Latin America—are an ideal fit for the leader of the most diverse beauty market in the world.”

Mauceri stated, “I’m delighted to be rejoining my friends in the industry and at Wella in the United States and Canada, and I’m tremendously excited about the opportunities ahead.”

[Image courtesy of Wella, the Salon Professional Division of Procter & Gamble]