Beauty Store Business magazine - September, 2019

Bluebeards Original Leave-In Beard Conditioner

Beard Saver is designed for both beard hair and the sensitive skin underneath, and its unique formula has never been reproduced. The daily conditioning lotion provides an alternative to the hundreds of beard oil products that have hit the market in the past three years. Beard Saver controls unruly facial hair, softens the beard, and helps prevent beard “itch” and new-growth discomfort. It’s designed for both new and established beards, and to be lightweight and easily absorbed. It contains real lime oil, which helps break down trapped sebum and limit ingrown hairs. Aloe and shea butter gently moisturize the skin and hair. It is also manufactured in the USA, without parabens or sulfates, and is sold alone and as part of a three-piece Beard Kit gift set. Visit