Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Beautycounter Endorses the Natural Cosmetics Act

Clean beauty cosmetics company Beautycounter continues to push for cleaner manufacturing standards by officially endorsing the Natural Cosmetics Act.

Representatives Sean Patrick Maloney and Grace Meng introduced the bill to Congress in order to set stronger standards to protect consumers and to hold companies accountable for the information displayed on labels. This is the first legislation introduced in the United States that sets regulations for the use of the words "natural" and "naturally derived" on personal care products.

"Shopping for personal care products should be easy," said Gregg Renfrew, Beautycounter founder and CEO. "While words like 'natural' can signal a safer product, there are currently no industry standards. For years, Beautycounter has been asking Congress to create clear standards for marketing terms and so we are thrilled to support the Natural Cosmetics Act. This landmark bill sets clear and reasonable standards for companies who want to claim an ingredient or product is natural, while instilling confidence for today's savvy consumer. We applaud congressman Maloney for his leadership and urge chairman Pallone to bring this bill before the energy and commerce committee as quickly as possible."

As consumers demand cleaner, safer beauty products, clear regulation and accurate labeling have become a greater need. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act of 1938 continues to be the major legislation governing the industry.

"Right now, the FDA doesn't consider it misbranding for companies to label products as 'natural,' even if they contain harmful chemicals like coal tar dyes, formaldehyde, asbestos, and parabens. That's just not right," said Rep. Maloney. "We're talking about consumer protection and company accountability here. It's time Congress started paying attention, my bill will set the standard for 'natural' products and do right by American consumers."

Beautycounter is mobilizing its base in support of the bill, including its clients and network of more than 45,000 independent consultants across all 50 states. A certified B Corporation, Beautycounter has been active on Capitol Hill since its founding in 2013, and launched the Counteract Coalition in 2017, a group of more than 20 clean, high-performance beauty brands dedicated to advancing a safer cosmetics industry.

Photo courtesy of Beautycounter.