Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Beautivision's SmartEye Mobile Tech Brings Customized Skin Care to Consumers

Hallstar Beauty plans to launch its innovative Beautivision SmartEye mobile technology in August 2019, initially to the Chinese beauty market with broader geographical launches rolled out over the next 12 months. It's part of the company's ongoing advancements in integrated, customized, science-based skin care.

Portable camera technology connected to a smartphone will allow for real-time skin analyses and, with its companion mobile application, will provide information about individual users' skin care needs, recommend solutions, track skin condition over time and offer beauty products personalized to each individual scenario.

Chairman and CEO John Paro says, "Beautivision is a direct response to several key consumer trends. First, we know users are looking for custom solutions for their unique skin. They increasingly want a transparent, self-directed shopping experience when it comes to beauty care. At the same time, global investment in 5G infrastructure and devices is paving the way for a broadly connected, 'no-lag' future. And the continuing rise of mobile commerce and all-in-one 'super-apps' is changing the way consumers interact with brands. Nowhere is this truer than in mobile-centric China." Chinese consumers account for 1.4 billion mobile internet subscriptions as of 2018—more than three times those in the U.S., the next largest market.

Although Hallstar's Beauty division has a broad and varied product portfolio including active naturals, functional ingredients and performant butters, the Beautivision launch will focus first on sunscreen efficacy. "Hallstar has long been a thought leader in sun care," says Robert Hu, president, Hallstar Beauty. "Our suncare product development, centered around photostabilization concepts, emphasizes the need for all-day, everyday protection. Consumers are looking for convenience, customization and clear, credible information that help make photoprotection part of their daily routine."

Images taken with the camera and interpreted through the app will show what can't be observed with the human eye alone. By taking a facial photo with the UV-sensitive SmartEye camera and loading the image onto their Beautivision mobile app account, users will see the degree to which applied sunscreen is protecting their skin against harmful UV rays and if real-time adjustments are necessary. They can also analyze their unprotected skin through the device's special lens and, using Beautivision app functionality, can evaluate signs of aging and sun damage over time. The ability to quantify effectiveness of a selected beauty regimen encourages users to proactively design a personalized skincare routine.