Beauty Store Business magazine - June, 2019


Peninsula Beauty Celebrates Two Grand Openings in San Francisco

Check out these photos we took at the two newest Peninsula Beauty salon stores (4 Embarcadero and Laurel Village) on Nov. 29!

International Openings Available for "California: A State of Beauty" Pavilions

Twenty-six California-based beauty brands looking to expand internationally have been selected for a special California export initiative in conjunction with Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna... collection

A hit sitcom in the 1970s, Sanford and Son depicts the escapades of Fred Sanford and his adult son Lamont. In the opening credits, a sign above the Sanford’s work and home depicts a crucial aspect of the sitcom’s setting...

Courtesy of Pinterest

Beauty store marketers looking to get the most from social media can no longer ignore Pinterest—a social network devoted to the posting of photo and image collections—which has... collection

Credit cards can be a mixed blessing for retailers. While they help promote higher revenue and cement customer loyalty, they also carry significant baggage in the form of costly service charges. In many cases, processing...

In a diverse suburban community just a stone's throw west of Chicago, general manager of K-Stone Beauty Supply Joe Seok has helped run his family’s ethnic beauty supply and wig emporium in the heart of the Village of Oak...