Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Amazon Cracks Down On Fake Customer Reviews

Shoppers depend on product reviews more than ever, and e-commerce company Amazon recognizes that its customers’ purchases weigh heavily on reviews. As a result, the e-tailer has made updates to its customer reviews policy to ensure that its shoppers are experiencing the most authentic product reviews possible.

Amazon has reportedly sued hundreds of people and companies in recent years that provided fake reviews on its site for a fee or purchased them.

As part of Amazon's policy updates, the only incentivized reviews now allowed on the site are ones facilitated through the Amazon Vine program. Through the program, Amazon invites trusted reviewers to post reviews on new and pre-release products. It also limits the number of Amazon Vine reviews that may accompany a product.

In addition, the company has developed stricter qualifications for its Amazon Verified Purchase badge, and has introduced an algorithm to its system that is designed to give greater weight to newer and more helpful reviews. The company will continue to suspend, ban and sue individuals who do not honor its customer review guidelines. Advance review copies of books, however, will continue to be allowed.

[Image courtesy of Amazon]