Beauty Store Business magazine - March, 2019


Indispensable Beauty Ingredient Aloe Vera

An age-old remedy gains new popularity and respect as one of beauty’s most versatile ingredients.

Aloe vera has been around for centuries as a skincare staple. In fact, Aloe barbadensis was an ancient panacea once used to treat wounds, hair loss and even hemorrhoids. An evergreen perennial, aloe vera is a succulent that’s globally cultivated and found in warm and tropical climates, originating in the Arabian Peninsula. Its long, pointed leaves form a dense rosette that contains a gel that is extracted for its therapeutic properties.

NEW Barielle Aloe Growth Therapy

Barielle's Aloe Growth Therapy is a new nail treatment specifically formulated for brittle, hard-to-grow, thin nails. Fortified with moisturizing aloe, this nourishing formula helps nails grow longer and stronger in only one week. Simply apply one coat, twice a week; this treatment can be used by itself, as a base coat or as a top coat.

SRP: $10

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