Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Allow Pinterest to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

10 Marketing Tips Using Pinterest
Courtesy of Pinterest

Beauty store marketers looking to get the most from social media can no longer ignore Pinterest—a social network devoted to the posting of photo and image collections—which has quietly become the third-largest social network in the world. According to figures released by Experian Hitwise in April, Pinterest brought in 104 million visits in March, lagging only behind Twitter, which drew 182 million visits, and goliath Facebook, which attracted 7 billion visits. “What makes Pinterest so popular is its ease, simplicity and visual appeal,” says Mindy Sabel, social-media director at ( “There is no significant writing or even ‘socializing’ necessary,” she adds. Kellilynn Marie, a beauty editor at Beauty Stop Online, notes, “Pinterest is an amazing way for people to locate our products without already being at our store. We provide a little information about a product on our site, and the traffic comes rolling in.” Jason Fox, president of Fox e-Marketing, states, “It’s time to add Pinterest to your business-marketing arsenal.”


While the charm of Pinterest is lost on some, millions of others rabidly visit the social network regularly to put together collections of pictures that together say something about who they are and what they love. “I like beautiful images,” says Michelle Courtney, president of True Beauty Store. “I believe the quality of the images pinned sends a message about your brand. I hope to show a sense of style and appreciation for quality through my boards.”

Overwhelmingly, Pinterest fans are female and young. Specifically, a 2012 Digital Marketer report released by Experian Marketing Services found that a full 60% of Pinterest users are women, according to a 12-week study that ended Jan. 28. And 55% of those women are between the ages of 25 and 44. Not surprisingly, many of the biggest marketers on the planet are parachuting in for a chance to make an impression. Peugeot Panama, for example, recently ran a contest on Pinterest that gave visitors a prize for putting together a puzzle of a Peugeot car. GUESS? also ran a contest asking Pinterest users to create winning picture collections based on the company’s new colors for spring. And Procter & Gamble has a Pinterest page portraying mothers who have athletes competing in the upcoming 2012 London Olympics.

[Courtesy of Pinterest]