Beauty Store Business magazine - July, 2019

Alchimie Forever Skincare of Switzerland New Packaging

This brand's new, modern look is intended to reflect its scientific heritage and clean formulations. The products will now feature Alchimie's signature deep purple on a white background for a sharper appearance. The minimalist look is designed to catch the eye in retail, and organize a top shelf's look in private. A new serum launch will also contain a quote by artist Robert Montgomery to combine art and beauty, a permanent goal of Alchimie Forever. The brand was born out of the need for post-procedure skin care. Its products cater to all skin types, although it's primarily designed to solve immediate and long-term skin concerns. Alchimie Forever is dedicated to developing antiaging technologies, research in antioxidants, and the use of lasers in dermatology for the strongest results. Call 877.920.SKIN or