Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

8 Big Deals

Who bought which beauty brands in 2011? Review them closely because they could translate into new opportunities for your store.

The year 2011 will be remembered as a fairly active one when it comes to the acquisition of brands found in beauty retailers. And where there are new owners, there are new opportunities created. So here’s a look at what happened in the beauty-retail landscape this year through mid-October. And from what we at Beauty Store Business see and hear, deals will continue into 2012. Therefore, other opportunities will develop for you, so stay turned.

1. Robanda: Omega Labs USA

In January, Robanda International—owner of Mr. Pumice, Tropical Shine Nail File and other beauty brands—announced that it acquired Omega Labs USA, whose products include Fungus Treatment, Ultimate Growth 2, nail art and nail glitters.

“There’s ample opportunity to develop the Omega Labs brands in the OTC marketplace internationally and drive business in the nail category where Robanda already has a strong presence with the Mr. Pumice and Tropical Shine brands,” said David Leib, Robanda International president, when the deal was announced. “This was an organic expansion for us in the nail category, and we look forward to an exciting year of growth worldwide.”

Omega Labs USA’s previous owner, Bill Homaidan, remained with the company, taking the lead with product development. The company also said it planned to launch a new website, catalog, packaging and product introductions.,, 800.783.9969