Beauty Store Business magazine - June, 2019

2017 “Uncommon” Holiday Calendar

Keep these whimsical and traditional holidays on your radar to liven up your store’s promotions all year long!

Back by popular demand, we’ve updated our “uncommon” holiday calendar for 2017. Leverage these lesser-known, playful observances for creative promotions that will enhance your customers’ in-store experience and boosts sales!


Cherry Month:
Who knew the month of February was Cherry Month? To give the typical Valentines Day displays a little variety, or simply to start the red-and-pink displays extra early, pull together all cherry-scented products in one place for the ultimate sweet spot.

2/17 Random Act of Kindness Day: Encourage shoppers to pay it forward on this friendly day by pulling together a checkout-counter display filled with sample-size gifts at a special rate. Or, consider giving out a special gift set to a select customer as your very own generous act.

2/21 Sticky Bun Day:
This day may have been inspired by a yummy snack, but your customers would surely get a kick out of seeing a foodie day turned into a beauty day. Celebrate the top- knot with specials on hair elastics, bobby pins, faux buns and more.

2/23 Curling is Cool Day: While the sport of curling is indeed cool, curling hair is even cooler. Take advantage of this quirky holiday by giving a special in-store shout-out to curling wands and irons


3/16 Lips Appreciation Day: What better way to appreciate lips than investing in making them soft, supple and extra pouty? Pull out the lip conditioners, plumpers, masks and more for a pout-perfect display.

3/18 Awkward Moments Day: Help customers avoid awkward moments with an in-store how-to on makeup and hair hacks that will resolve all their beauty woes.

3/30 Pencil Day: Turn this day into a celebration of all the pencils that line our lives: Eye pencils, lip liners and eyebrow definers. This is the perfect opportunity for a BOGO deal.


4/22 Earth Day: Offer deals on brands that celebrate Mother Earth, and help bring awareness to environmental issues. You’ll also teach clients how easy it is to go green by using all-natural and eco-friendly products, without having to sacrifice on their beauty regimen.

4/28 Hairball Awareness Day:
Carve out a corner of your store for pooch-friendly products, or have some fun with Hairball day, and create a silly display filled with detanglers, anti-frizz sprays and brushes.


5/6 Join Hands Day: If your customers are going to be joining hands, they’ll need to prep for the occasion. Pull together a fun section with all things necessary for giving your hands a little pampering: lotions, nail polishes and manicure sets.

5/10 Stay Up All Night Night: Why people want to stay up all night is beyond us; but take advantage of this oppor- tunity to showcase a few products to help them look awake the next day: under-eye brighteners, conceal- ers, primers and refreshing skin products are perfect.

5/26 Don’t Fry Day: Do your part to raise skin-cancer awareness by making this SPF day. Encourage customers to protect their skin and offer promotions on sunscreens, sunless tanners and more.


Camping Month: Ring in the summer with a special theme month that focuses on the “beauty girl going off the grid.” Create a corner with travel-size products and bare essentials one would need for going camping.

6/15 Smile Power Day: Raise spirits and promote special services. For salons with teeth-whitening services or products, this day is ideal for offering package deals. Beauty stores can pull together lip products that make customers want to flash their pearly whites.

6/18 Splurge Day: What better day for retail stores than Splurge Day? Encourage shoppers to splurge on a few top-shelf items they may often resist by offering a small discount on high-end brands.

6/26 Beautician’s Day: Celebrate the beauty professional by giving a storewide discount to beauticians, makeup artists and estheticians.

6/29 Camera Day: Tie in your in-store display to the online world with this holiday that’s just begging to be hashtagged. Compile everything one might need to take the perfect selfie--flawless foundation, pouty lip color and major lashes--for a display that grabs attention and draws online shoppers to visit the store.


7/3 Compliment Your Mirror Day:
Help your customers feel good about themselves by encouraging them to go “au naturel.” Focus displays on natural makeup and hair looks that celebrate who they are.

7/5 Bikini Day:
Everyone is looking for a way to look better in a bikini during the month of July. Pull together a Bikini 101 display full of self-tanners, waxing kits, bronzers, beachy waves hair products and more.

7/12 Different Colored Eyes Day: Celebrate people with irises of different colors, by creating a how-to tutorial on custom palettes to bring out one’s eyeshade. Post the tutorial online, and drive customers to come to your store to purchase the products ideal for their eye color.

7/29 Lipstick Day:
This is where beauty holidays all began! Give a nod to the ultimate beauty day with lip-color sets, BOGO deals, or simply a color-driven display of your all-time best-selling lip shades.


8/6 Sister’s Day: Mother’s Day is one of the beauty industry’s greatest days for sales. So why not include more of the family? Showcase gift sets and products that are perfect for a sister or best friend.

8/15 Relaxation Day:
Who wouldn’t want to celebrate this day? For beauty stores that also sell spa products, this is the perfect chance to haul out specialty pampering products like leave-in treat- ments, masks, and even candles and oils.

8/18 Men’s Grooming Day: Give the guy a chance to shine, and offer promos and deals on men’s products, such as shaving tools, hair and beard- care kits and more.

8/19 World Honey Bee Day: With so many lines including honey-based products, this day would be a fun way to highlight the natural benefits of honey in a colorful, cute display.

8/25 Kiss & Makeup Day: There’s no better way to make amends than with makeup, right? Take this oppor- tunity to bring people together with special makeup discounts.


9/2 World Beard Day: Beard grooming is a real thing, and many companies have caught on to the major trend sweeping men’s facial hair. Cash in on the craze by promoting beard-grooming products aimed at everyone’s favorite hipster.

9/10 Swap Ideas Day:
Generate buzz among your online customers with a social-media effort to share beauty looks. Bring the theme to your store by inventing looks of your own—the catch is they have to come in to find out how to get the look!

9/23 National Singles Day: A new American observance that recognizes our single friends, family members, co-workers and fellows. (About 45 percent of U.S. adults are single!) Create a display of luxuriating self- care gift items—scented bath soaps, washes, loofahs, candles, lotions—all the items that makes a single person feel good!


10/10 Handbag Day: Bring fashion and beauty together by helping customers put together their essential on-the-go makeup bag. Not only will your display drive attention to special products, but it will engage your customers and increase the chance that they’ll walk away with something.

10/28 National Chocolate Day:
With the ’90s dominating beauty trends these days, and fall being the perfect season to go for darker locks, there’s no better day than National Chocolate Day to feature 50 shades of brown: lipsticks, hair dyes, eye shadows—it’s all fair game.


World Vegan Month: Give a nod to the brands and companies making vegan, cruelty-free products. You’ll not only help the cause, but you’ll identify the customers seeking these products, thereby gaining valuable knowledge of your core customer.

Movember: November is also the month to go without shaving. Both women and men are participating in this event, so highlight mustache and beard-grooming products, and offer a discount on the 1st of December for all things shaving-related. Chances are customers will be itching to loose the extra hair.


12 Days of Christmas: During the Christmas season, traditional holiday deals will dominate your marketing efforts. But try giving customers the instant gratification they yearn with daily deals for 12 days.

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