Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

2014: The Year in Review

How well did you follow beauty news this past year? Take our quiz and find out. Have fun!

1.) Sally Beauty Supply celebrated its ...

A. 60th anniversary
B. 50th anniversary
C. 40th anniversary
D. 75th anniversary

2.) For the first time ever, the Professional Beauty Association presented ...

A. a distributor executive conference
B. an event for beauty store owners
C. an executive summit
D. ISSE in Long Beach, California

3.) NYX Cosmetics was bought by ...

A. L'Oréal
B. American International Industries
C. The Makeup Show
D. Shiseido

4.) The keynote speaker at the PBA Annual Business Forum during Cosmoprof North America was ...

A. John Paul DeJoria
B. Mark Cuban
C. Leonard Lauder
D. Robert Oppenheim

5.) The City of Hope and the salon industry honored ...

A. Steve Goddard
B. Art August
C. Kevin Van Nest
D. Harlan Kirschner

6.) ... became the first jurisdiction worldwide to ban plastic microbeads in personal-care products.

A. The European Union
B. Illinois
C. The U.S. government
D. Canada

7.) Sephora ...

A. opened a huge, state-of-the-art Mid-Atlantic distribution center in Maryland
B. is experimenting with small, boutique-type stores in the San Francisco Bay Area
C. has agreed to a merger with ULTA Beauty
D. has moved its U.S. headquarters to New York City

8.) There was record attendance at ...

A. Natural Products Expo West
B. Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna
C. the Eastern Buying Conference
D. Natural Products Expo West and Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

9.) Murad opened a global flagship store in ...

A. Los Angeles
B. El Segundo, California
C. Santa Monica, California
D. New York City

10.) ... joined The Kirschner Group.

A. Jill Greene
B. Kevin Osterloh
C. Paula Malloy
D. Stephanie Taricco

11.) The new chairman of the board of the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors is ...

A. Pam Busiek
B. Ian Ginsberg
C. Ada Polla
D. Dr. Robb Akridge

12.) The new president and COO of Sally Beauty Holdings is ...

A. Chris Brickman
B. Gary Winterhalter
C. Mike Spinozzi
D. John Golliher

13.) The Beauty Bus Foundation honored ... with its Lifetime Achievement Award.

A. Deborah Carver
B. Shawn Tavakoli
C. Jay Halaby
D. George Schaeffer

14.) Birchbox ...

A. opened a brick-and-mortar site
B. expanded into Canada
C. opened a brick-and-mortar site and expanded into Canada
D. launched Birchbox Man

15.) Henkel acquired ...

A. NYX Cosmetics
B. Sexy Hair, Alterna and Kenra
D. Wella, the Salon Professional Division of P&G

16.) GLAMGLOW was bought by ...

A. L'Oréal
B. The Estée Lauder Cos.
C. Unilever
D. Procter & Gamble

17.) ... became the first state to prohibit the use of triclosan in many retail products for consumers, including personal care.

A. Minnesota
B. Maryland
C. California
D. New York

18.) According to a chair-and-suite rental study from Professional Consultants & Resources ...

A. nearly 50% of all U.S. salons will offer some form of the booth rental/leasing model by 2015
B. salon suite franchise organizations have no effect whatsoever on the salon landscape
C. the better managed, private and corporate chains and booth rental salons will satisfy 96% of all U.S. salon consumer market needs
D. independent artistic salons will totally disappear by 2018

19.) BlueCo Brands (formerly King Research) acquired the ... brand.

A. Barbicide
B. Clippercide
C. Lucky Tiger
D. Triple Lanolin

20.) The Eastern Buying Conference is moving in 2015 to ...

A. East Rutherford, New Jersey
B. Boston
C. Somerset, New Jersey
D. Ocean City, Maryland

Answers—1.) B.; 2.) C; 3.) A; 4.) B; 5.) D; 6.) B; 7.) A; 8.) D; 9.) A; 10.) C; 11.) D; 12.) A; 13.) A; 14.) C; 15.) B; 16.) B; 17.) A; 18.) A; 19.) D; 20.) C.

How many did you get correct?

  • If you scored 0 to 9, you need to get some back issues of Beauty Store Business

    and/or spend some time at and read up!

  • If you scored 10 to 15, consider yourself a true beauty-news junkie.
  • If you scored 16-20, contact Creative Age Publications immediately and interview for the BSB

    executive editor position!

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