Robanda International Acquires Dissolve All-Purpose Cleaners

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Robanda International Acquires Dissolve All-Purpose Cleaners

Robanda International has acquired Dissolve, a line of all-purpose cleaning products specifically formulated for the salon market.

The line launched in 2004 and consists of three products designed to clean salons from top to bottom, leaving behind a fruity-floral scent. It features:

Product: Dissolve Concentrate
Use: Heavy-duty cleaning and stubborn stains
Price: $28 per 32-ounce bottle

Product: Dissolve Ready-To-Use
Use: Everyday cleanup on mirrors, countertops and styling tools
Price:$12 per 16-ounce bottle

Product: Dissolve Floor Concentrate
Use: Floors of all types and cabinetry/shelving
Price: $12 per 16-ounce bottle

Note: Prices listed are the suggested retail prices and what customers can buy them at from the Dissolve website.

Currently, the line is being offered at Sally Beauty Supply nationwide, and leading salons and spas.

[Image courtesy of Robanda International]