Petroleum Jelly Alternative

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petroleum jelly alternative Waxelene

Waxelene is an eco-friendly petroleum jelly alternative that offers multifunctional beauty uses. The product has an organic, natural formulation that has the same protective, waterproofing, moisturizing and soothing properties that consumers and beauty professionals love about petroleum jelly, but contains no petroleum or hydrogenated oils. It’s made with beeswax, organic soybean oil, 100% natural vitamin E oil and organic rosemary oil, and its glass jar is recyclable.

Personal Body Spray for Men

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JUST4PLAY personal body spray for men

Woody's Quality Grooming introduces JUST4PLAY, a personal body spray for men. The fragrance is formulated with natural essences, including lemon, bergamot, amber and musk. It can also be used as a clothing refresher or an environment changer. For more information, click here or call 888.294.WOOD.

Illinois Razor Strops

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Illinois Razor Strops for razor sharpening

Fromm International offers Illinois Razor Strops for razor sharpening. They're handcrafted from the only manufacturer in the United States. For more information, click here or call 800.323.4252.

Exfoliating Socks

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Kiss Foot Renew exfoliating socks

Kiss Foot Renew exfoliating socks offer a scrub-free solution for callused soles. The socks are designed to remove dry, dead skin from feet with a formula made from natural ingredients such as orange peel oil, grapefruit peel oil, clematis leaf extract and camellia leaf extract. Call 877.IVY.1004 or click here.

Handcrafted Silver Bracelet

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Studio Jewel's Silver Artist Bracelet

The Silver Artist Bracelet from Studio Jewel - lisa lehmann designs is handcrafted of recycled sterling silver and genuine blue topaz. The curved, hammered silver bar is accented with an offset silver coil and a delicate chain that’s studded with blue topaz drops finishes the bracelet’s artisan look. Call 616.447.0333 or click here.

Foot Therapy Crème

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derma e Natural Boydcare's Intensive Therapy Foot Crème

Derma e Natural Bodycare’s Intensive Therapy Foot Crème is designed to relieve achy feet as well as to improve circulation. Made with vitamins and botanicals such as pycnogenol, peach seed, ginkgo and yarrow, this therapeutic crème also helps soothe tight muscles; relieve swelling, bruising and itching; and nourish dry and cracked feet. Call 800.933.9344 or click here.

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