Harris Interactive: Americans Uninformed About Sun Protection, Antiaging, p.2

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Harris Interactive: Americans Uninformed About Sun Protection, Antiaging, p.2

“Unfortunately, the American public still has a long way to go before we treat sunscreen the way we treat seat belts,” adds Ahmed. “Every time you step out of your door, you should automatically apply sunscreen—rain or shine, summer or winter—as well as wear protective clothing and seek shade whenever possible.”

According to the AAD and the Skin Cancer Foundation, some of the best ways to protect oneself from UV damage are to:

Use Your Online Shipping Policy as the Hook

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Need an edge over the competition? Offer free online shipping.

Social-Media, Mobile Shopping Becoming the Norm

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Courtesy of Pinterest

Shoppers’ use of Pinterest to connect to retailers has exceeded both their Facebook and Twitter use, according to the 2012 “Social and Mobile Commerce Study”—a joint research project by the National Retail Federation’s division, digital business-analytics firm comScore and global-strategy and management consulting firm T

WSL/Strategic Retail Study: More Than 1 in 2 Americans Can Barely Afford Basics

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Fifty-two percent of Americans are struggling to afford necessities—and for many even that is a stretch, according to WSL/Strategic Retail in its “How America Shops MegaTrends" report, "Moving On 2012.”

Other significant findings by WSL/Strategic Retail, which is a leading authority on shopper behavior and retail trends, in its newest report that was released on March 1:

Mobile-Centric Merchandising Emerges

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Have you picked up your smartphone to check the availability, deals and prices of products available in your store, yet sold elsewhere? Well, it’s likely that many of your customers have, and even more are expected to in the near future, according to two recent studies.

Here are some stats to help put technology-integrative shopping in perspective for you.

Research from Perception Research Services International, which specializes in shopper research, reveals that:
• 83% of smartphone owners use their devices while shopping

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