Jean Warshaw

Professional Beauty Product Diversion

These notable cases show the various legal theories used in this controversial salon-industry topic.
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BSB Columnist and NYC lawyer Jean Warshaw

"Sold Only in Professional Salons." Those are fighting words throughout the beauty industry. They proclaim manufacturers’ and beauty salons’ desires to limit sales of many high-end professional-beauty products to salons. But large drugstore chains and discount retailers often sell products that have packages marked for sale in salons only. And they sell those products in competition with beauty salons despite the manufacturers’ and salons’ wishes.

Beware of the Long Arm Of the Law

Do you know that your business may be sued in a distant state based on your Internet site?
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Jean Warshaw, Beauty & The Law columnist

Your beauty business is probably headquartered in the state where you and most of your employees live. When can another state reach out and make you defend a lawsuit in that other state? Going to another state to defend yourself could be an expensive undertaking, requiring you to hire new lawyers you have never worked with before, travel long distances to attend depositions and court hearings, and put your witnesses up in hotels during the trial.

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