Facebook: The New Generation

Check out Facebook’s new features that could send your marketing efforts out of this world.
by Joe Dysart
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Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-creator

Now that many businesses are comfortable with the design makeover Facebook recently received, many beauty-retail Web marketers rejoice that the changes are making it much easier for them to do business on the social network—both creatively and from a business-analytics perspective. One of the most popular of those changes is the ability to easily add framed content to a Facebook page—technically known as content presented within iFrames. Essentially, the change enables any online beauty store to easily mirror the Web design on its company’s homepage and other pages on a Facebook page—as long as it’s within a Facebook iFrame. Scores of designers across the Web are cheering the move, since attempting to duplicate the look and feel of a company’s website pages on Facebook had previously presented quite a challenge. Moreover, Web marketers say the introduction of easy iFraming also makes it much simpler for beauty stores to crunch analytics, track user activity on Facebook pages, and thoroughly analyze how sales and other sought-after conversions are unfolding on company Facebook pages.

[Image: Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder. All images courtesy of Joe Dysart.]

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AVEYOU Beauty Boutique Facebook page


It’s no small wonder that Facebook now has 800 billion registered users and growing. All told, the changes at Facebook have stimulated many beauty stores to update their best marketing practices for the service.

Understand why Facebook is so powerful. While social networking has been around for awhile, (It was done on discussion forums long before Mark Zuckerberg got his first tricycle.) Facebook was one of the services that made such networking so effortless, fun and multifaceted. For example, once people sign up for your fan or business page on Facebook, they immediately receive information about your beauty-retail business in their news feed. They can instantly share your offers to others in their social network and can effortlessly engage in discussions on your Facebook page. Additionally, they can give their opinions about your products or services and can shop on your Facebook page.

Learn from others. Brian J. Esposito, CEO of AVEYOU Beauty Boutique knows firsthand about the true power of a Facebook presence. He has used his page to build an army of fans for its flash sales, which feature major, across-the-board discounts for a limited time or until a maximum number of orders is reached. “Our most recent flash sale actually crashed our site for 20 minutes,” Esposito says. “We had tens of thousands of customers from all over the world rushing to the site just by our announcement on our Facebook fan page. Gaining someone’s attention in today’s world is very difficult, and Facebook has found a way to do it quickly, efficiently and in a way that causes mass excitement.”

Get creative with Facebook’s newly unshackled Web design features. For years, Web designers have bemoaned the fact that they were forced to use Facebook’s propriety programming for much of the designing they did on the Facebook site. No more. With Facebook’s latest makeover, the service now offers Web designers complete creative design freedom within specified framed areas of your pages on Facebook. “I, for one, am thrilled,” says Janet Driscoll Miller, CEO of SearchMojo, a Web marketing firm. Essentially, any content that appears within these specially designed frames, iFrames, is no longer subject to the limitations of Facebook’s design language. The content can be easily designed with more robust Web design programs like DreamWeaver or Microsoft Expression. “This is a huge time-saver when you’re trying to program pages to match your corporate brand,” Miller says. “Don’t be afraid to try anything,” adds Jade Andrews, social-media manager at Austin, Texas-based Beautystoredepot.com. “You never know what may or may not work.”

[Image: AVEYOU Beauty Boutique says a flash sale advertised on its Facebook page was so successful that it temporarily crashed its servers.]

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Google Analytics

[Photo caption: iFrames on Facebook enables companies to track sales and other interactions using Google Analytics.]

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Joe Dysart is an Internet speaker and business consultant based in New York City.